Transponder Key Philippines




Replacing your cars key is not as simple as it once was. In the old days you could very easily get a duplicate key made at your local hardware store, and have as many spares as you wanted for a relatively cheap price. With the advent of the transponder key, all of this has changed. Now if you lose your car’s key, or simply want to have a spare made, you must purchase a key that can be programmed to your car. Some people opt to go to a dealership and purchase an additional key for their vehicle, but some people go the more DIY route. At 5 Aces  Lock & Key we wanted to take a moment to inform our client on how to go about replacing or duplicating your car’s transponder key.


How do I know if I have a transponder key?

It is highly likely that if your car was built after 1995 it utilizes a transponder chip. If you’re still not sure, you can have a local locksmith check to see if your car uses chip technology. Once you have confirmed that your key uses a transponder chip, the next step is getting a physical copy of your key. Again, you can opt to purchase a preprogrammed key through a car dealer or locksmith, or you can order a blank key yourself and have it programmed. When purchasing a key yourself, be sure that the key is compatible with your car’s make and model, has a transponder chip that has never been programmed, and has an uncut blade.

Programming your new key

Once you have your new key cut and ready to go, it’s time to program it to your car. Your car’s make and model, and whether or not you choose to program the key yourself, can have a significant impact on the time it takes to program your new key. Most locksmiths offer transponder key programming along with key cutting, but typically charge an extra fee. If you feel like programming your new key yourself, there are several guides on the internet that detail the process for various car types. We don’t suggest that you program the new key by yourself, as there is no guarantee that the process posted online will work. Each vehicle has its own process pattern and programming method, so you will need the exact information as it relates to your car.

At 5 Aces  Lock & Key, we don’t want you to get frustrated by wasting time and money on programming methods that may not work. Our knowledgeable staff will get the job done right the first time. Contact us today, and see how easy replacing your transponder key can be.